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swimming pools swimming pools swimming pools

What Others Have to Say About Us...

Swimming Pool Reviews West Palm BeachThese testimonials were taken from Quality Assurance Surveys.
Langelier pools inc. is committed to customer satisfaction.

  • “Actions speak louder than words & I’m swimming within 6 weeks from the start.

  • “My pool looks so beautiful”

  • “The office staff is responsive and caring”

  • “We dealt mostly with the owner (Walter Lang) and it could not have gone smoother”

  • ”I was so impressed, IT’ is so refreshing to receive wonderful service”

  • “We are happy with the end result and would not hesitate to recommend you to a friend”


Residential Pools, Langelier Pools IncLangelier Pools works with you to Design a custom in ground swimming pool or spa to your taste. Let us Construct your backyard paradise!

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 From building a resort pool or spa to helping facilities get up to code with the new Virginia Gramme Baker act, We are always here for you!

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Langelier Pools Inc
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